GO pricing

Revised December 11, 2023

Usage of the GO app is subject to the following charges (including tax).
Before requesting a ride, you can view the breakdown of the fare (if the destination is entered), the pick-up fee, and the service charges on the ”Fee details" screen in the app.

1. Taxi fare

Following are the charges the customer will pay to the taxi company under the transportation contract:

  1. (1) Fare
    Charge for the service that transports the customer to the designated destination.
    You can choose from a meter fare, a prefixed fare, and an airport flat rate fare.
    (When “meter fare” is selected, the fare shown on the car request screen is an approximate amount.)

    ◆Meter fare
    This fare is calculated by the taxi meter based on the distance and time to the destination.
    Click here for more information.
    ▼What is a meter fare?

    ◆Pre-fixed fare
    This fare is determined by the app prior to your travel based on the distance of the assumed route from the starting point to the destination.
    Depending on traffic conditions, the prefixed fare may be higher than the meter fare.
    Click here for more information.
    ▼What is a pre-fixed fare?
    ▼Precautions when changing a destination

    ◆Airport flat rate fare
    This is a flat rate set for traveling between a specific area and a specific airport.
    Click here for more information.
    ▼What is an airport flat fare?

  2. (2) Pick-up fee
    A pick-up fee applies each time the app is used to request a ride. The pick-up fee is the fee charged for the customer to be picked up by the taxi.
    The amount charged depends on the regulations of the concerned taxi company.
    You can check these fees on the "Taxi companies" screen in the app.
    ▼What is the pick-up fee?

  3. (3) Toll or parking fees
    These are fees charged for using toll roads or paid parking lots during your trip. Estimated fares on the app screen when requesting a ride do not include tolls. The customer bears these costs.

    ▼Toll roads and parking charges

  4. (4)Information on discounts
    Some taxi companies may offer discounts on long-distance trips or for passengers with physical or mental disabilities. Click here for more information.
    ▼Long-distance discounts

    ▼How are public discounts applied?

    ▼Is there a discount for passengers with disabilities?

  5. (5)Surcharges
    Late night or early morning surcharges may be applied depending on the taxi company used. Click here for more information.

    ▼Can I request a ride late at night or very early in the morning?

    A “winter surcharge” may apply in winters in the Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku regions, and a “sleeper surcharge” may apply for vehicles installed with reclining seats/sleeping facilities.

2. Service charge

These are fees that the customer pays to GO for requesting a ride or to cover certain arrangements and conditions.
Service charge fees vary depending on the area and the supply/demand situation, so they may change depending on the timing.

  1. (1) GO App charge
    ・Service fee: JPY 100  *JPY 900 for Niseko area only.
    ・Depending on the taxi company, some may not charge this fee.
    ・Before requesting a ride, you can find out GO App charge price for each taxi company on "Taxi companies" screen in menu tab and "Select taxi company" screen in the "Ride preferences" screen.
    ▼Areas covered

  2. (2) Reservation fee
    ・Fee: JPY 370–980 (depending on the area and supply/demand conditions)
    ・Click here for details.
    ▼Information on areas covered

  3. (3) Priority Ticket fee
    ・Fee: JPY 300–980 (depending on the area and supply/demand conditions)
    ・Click here for details.
    ▼What is a priority pass?
    ※ This service will be recommended based on the supply/demand situation after a taxi is requested. Please note that the fee is in addition to the fare shown on the screen before requesting a ride.

  4. (4) Option fees
    ・High-rated drivers' fee, JPN TAXI model request fee, fee for vehicles with air purifiers or other special equipment: JPY 150 each
    Click here for details.
    ▼What are options?

  5. (5) Airport flat rate fee
    ・Surcharge: ¥400
    ・Click here for details
    ▼What is an Airport flat rate fee?

  6. (6) GO PREMIUM charge
    ・Additional 0%–30% of the fare for riding a GO PREMIUM
    ・Charges may vary depending upon the area and supply/demand conditions at the time. Please check the ”Fee details" screen in the app at the time of requesting your ride.
    ・For more information on GO PREMIUM,including areas covered, please click here.
    ▼Information on GO PREMIUM

3. Cancellation fee

This fee is charged when a customer cancels a ride request or a driver cancels your request based on certain conditions.
・Cancellation fee: JPY 500
・Click here for detailed conditions.
▼Cancellation policy